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Our Slideshow is the place to put Your Business Card on display and advertise your business thru our website!

If you want to add your business card to our Slide Show please send us an email at and attach a scan/photo/JPG image of your business card.

We'll get it posted to our Slide Show and in September of each year we'll email you an invoice for $5.00 --- that's right, your business card on our website for a year is only $5.00!

Cancel at any time by dropping us an email!

No cost to you for 3 months!

Business Card Slide Show

 If you click on the small gray dots, you can stop the slide show on a particular business card. Also, if you click on the card within the slide show and the business has shared its website with us, the click will take you directly to their website.

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Here are some of our favorite "Idea" videos!

Here's a great video on The Oahu Island!

Gives you some insight into the beautiful State of Hawaii!

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