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Plackett Enterprises Inc.
Continues our Collaboration Work
with the
 Ladies Artisan Market [LAM] 
The Who
le Business Woman Academy
Plackett Enterprises has been networking with LAM and now The Whole Business Woman Academy since 2019!
and the Collaboration continues!
In May, we will bring you a preview of  Lam's
 upcoming programs
 promoting women owned businesses in 2023!
In the meantime, check out their website 
and join LAM on FB!
 The Whole Business Woman Academy


Picture 2 of Aesha Shapiro.jpg
 Aesha Shapiro 

the founder of LAM
(Ladies Artisan Market) network and

The Whole Business Woman Academy

and her business started right here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii!

Also in May, we'll have the scoop on "Launch Your Fempire" --

the expansion of programs being offered through  LAM and

The Whole Business Woman Academy!!! 

Capture of Fempire Launch 2023.JPG
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